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Skill training

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  • Last updated:2021-08-13
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Take commissioned labor job: which takes mainly simple processing jobs,to cultivate inmates adiligent habit for benefiting them to be self-reliant after their term finished.

Self-run business: Food processing sector is set up to produce noodles of buckwheat,carrot due to the local products of Er-lin. Art-craft making sector is in charge of producing traditional lanterns,gourd carving, lion head and straw-dragon,etc., which all of products are available for sale outward.

Skill training: In order to help inmates with skills be able to adapt to our society after release, the prison provides various kinds of programs for skill training, such as Landscape design and construction, Website Design Classes,Computer hardware assembling, bonsai gardening, carpenter, gourd carving, lantern craft, etc.

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