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Skill training

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  • Last updated:2023-12-29
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The prison, in accordance with the Ministry of Justice's policies, has been engaging in independent extramural operations since June 2017, following the "Inmates Extramural Work Regulations." Initially, it collaborated with the nearby "Ci'en Elderly Care Center." Starting from 2018, it expanded its cooperation to four outstanding local businesses in the vicinity. These partnerships involve tasks such as glass processing, food processing, steel furniture manufacturing, and wooden furniture production, with a stable daily workforce exceeding 40 individuals.

The most distinctive feature of the prison's independent extramural operations lies in its encouragement of participation from drug offenders and long-term inmates. Through engaging in these activities, inmates rebuild bridges with society and families, gaining an understanding of societal dynamics, developing interpersonal relationships, and acquiring the transformative power of renewal. This process contributes to a positive life transformation and the pursuit of happiness after release.

(1) Acknowledgment of Operational Partners:
Operational partners unanimously express that the performance of inmates is on par with local and foreign laborers. With prison assistance in management, the companies find that inmates take initiative in their assigned tasks. Despite the demanding nature of the work, inmates willingly embrace their responsibilities. Collaborating firms provide positive feedback to inmates engaged in independent extramural operations. Should these individuals express a desire to stay with the operational partners after release, the companies welcome them warmly. There is no discrimination against rehabilitated individuals, and the hope is that the normal work routine helps prepare them for a successful reintegration into society.

(2) Building Bridges Through Home Visits:
Family support often fills inmates engaged in independent extramural operations with hope. Therefore, the prison places significant emphasis on the relationship between inmates and their families. Inmates who perform well during their extramural work period, exceeding three months, are granted home visits according to the law. These visits occur monthly, with a maximum duration of 40 hours each time, aiming to facilitate a swift return to family and society. Every month, inmates participating in home visits demonstrate discipline, exhibit no violations while outside, and return to the prison on schedule.

(3) Increasing Work Income:
Inmates participating in independent extramural operations receive a monthly labor income of approximately 7,000 to 8,000 yuan. This increase in work income is immensely helpful for relatively disadvantaged inmates and their families.

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