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Contract for Work

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  • Last updated:2023-06-21
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  1. The business operations of this prison are aimed to cultivate diligence among the inmates and the skill for making a living.


  1. The workshop is spacious and bright. Each workshop is 500 square meters (excluding toilets and warehouses), and it is equipped with 110V, 220V, 330V power. According to the needs of the commissioned manufacturers, the number of workshops and the number of people can be adjusted flexibly. After the manufacturer's truck arrives at the designated point of the prison, it will be served by a special person, which will save the driver from moving and unloading the goods.


  1. Each workshop is divided into batches according to the operation items. Each group has quality control staff. It is responsible for the quality control of finished products. The material management staff is responsible for material control, so that the materials and finished products are consistent. The quality of the products processed is stable. The output is stable, the manpower is abundant, the delivery is on time. and the industrial and commercial groups and the trade associations are on the lookout. Industry and commerce associations and trade associations are welcome to visit.


Address: No. 240, Sec. 3, Ersi Rd., Erlin Town, Changhua County

Tel: Telephone: +886 8964800 #216

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