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Contract for Work

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  • Last updated:2024-06-24
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Manufacturer Application for Processing Services

The prison is committed to fostering inmates' acquisition of technical skills and cultivating diligent habits to achieve self-sufficiency. As part of this effort, we are offering workshop operations suitable for processing technical products.

2.Workshop Facilities:
Our workshop facilities are spacious and well-lit, with each workshop covering an area of 500 square meters (excluding bathrooms and warehouses). The facilities are equipped with 110V, 220V, and 330V power sources. Depending on the needs of the contracted processing partner, the number of workshops and workforce can be flexibly adjusted. Upon the arrival of the manufacturer's truck at the designated point in the prison, dedicated personnel will handle unloading, eliminating the hassle of the driver.

3.Operation Management:
Within each workshop, processing is organized into groups based on the type of operation. Each group has quality control personnel responsible for ensuring the quality of the finished products. Material control personnel are assigned to manage materials, ensuring that both raw materials and finished products meet specified standards. The prison's processed products are known for their stable quality, consistent output, ample workforce, and punctual delivery. Manufacturers are welcome to entrust us with processing operations.


If you wish to apply for collaborative processing, please provide the following information and send it to the Changhua Prison Operations Division's email address at chpv@mail.moj.gov.tw. We will assign dedicated personnel to contact you promptly.

Company Name
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